In a quest to become an industry leader in data management software, The Information Store, Inc. (iStore) needed a new logo and branding that was as solid and modern as its technology. As the first and only graphic designer in the company's 20-year history, I was presented with the unique challenge to operate as a one-person design team for 5 years—fulfilling the roles of a graphic designer, production artist, and art director.
I rose to the challenge, developing iStore's visual strategy, designing the brand identity and sub-brand logos, establishing brand guidelines, and developing style guides for internal products, solutions, and services. Over the years, I created marketing materials, including brochures, exhibit designs, data sheets, white papers, posters, identification badges, proposal templates, presentations, catalogs, signage, and information graphics. By partnering with key stakeholders and consistently delivering innovative solutions, I helped iStore achieve unparalleled visual excellence and distinguish itself from the competition. Mission completed. 🦸🏽‍♀️
Deliverables: Visual Strategy/ Branding/ Logo Design
Tools 🎨: Adobe InDesign/ Illustrator/ Photoshop
Designed while employed at The Information Store, Inc. (iStore)

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