FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) pioneered the genetic genealogy industry, but its outdated website, branding, and manilla envelope packaging were in need of a major refresh. While serving as FTDNA's art director, I contributed my copywriting skills and came up with the tagline, "Begin Your DNA Journey," which was birthed from the idea that everyone has a personal DNA journey - they just need to discover it.
The inspiration for the packaging came from one of the most popular and comprehensive genealogy tools for managing one's family tree, a genealogy fan chart. It displays generations of ancestors on the maternal and paternal lines of an individual's family tree.
Since FTDNA was the only company offering advanced maternal and paternal DNA testing and a comprehensive database, using a genealogy fan chart as its signature image was the perfect match. With a vibrant color palette and distinctive imagery, FTDNA's brand recognition skyrocketed and stood out among the competition. Winning all around! 🏆
Deliverables: Rebranded Visual Identity System/ Design System/ Website / Exhibit Design/ Packaging Design
Tools 🎨: Adobe XD/ InDesign/ Illustrator/ Photoshop/ Dimension
Credits: Edwin Leal, Senior UX Designer/ Will Liaw, UX Designer/ Lorena Lopez, Junior UX Designer/ Monique Monchelle Jones, Art Director, Lead UI/Visual Designer, and Packaging Designer
Designed while employed at FamilyTreeDNA (Gene By Gene, LTD).
FTDNA Conference 2019
FTDNA Conference 2018
FTDNA Conference 2017

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