WellBitz, iStore's online E&P service, was created to provide an affordable option for businesses to manage their well data.
Brand Symbolism: 1) Well symbol—In the oil & gas industry, well symbols provide critical information about a well, such as whether or not the well is oil-producing. 2) Contour map—A contour map is one of the most effective means of displaying information about the geologic structure of an area, and WellBitz represents a user-friendly way to display well data.
The WellBitz visual identity incorporates the “proven productive” Gas well symbol to reflect WellBitz's ability to boost productivity, a key factor to efficient well data management.
Deliverables: Visual Strategy/ Branding/ Logo Design
Tools 🎨: Adobe InDesign/ Illustrator/ Photoshop
*Designed while employed at The Information Store, Inc. (iStore).

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