Schoox was in need of a temporary brand facelift as they were in the middle of a complete rebrand makeover. As the Design Lead and Senior Art Director working within the constraints of their soon-to-be-old branding, I leveraged the shapes and angles created by the "X" in their logo to create a contemporary look and feel for their gated light paper landing page, E-book, and digital ads. They loved the new design so much that it ended up influencing the look and feel of their rebrand. X marks the spot! 💙🙅🏽‍♀️💚
Deliverables: Light Paper Landing Page/ E-book/ Digital Ads (Social and Display Ads)
Tools 🎨: Figma/ Adobe XD/ InDesign/ Illustrator/ Photoshop
Credits: Bailey Blanchone, Creative Direction/ Erin Sanders, Creative Direction/ Monique Monchelle Jones, Design Lead and Art Direction
Designed while employed at The Starr Conspiracy, LLC

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